Friday, August 20, 2010

Smelling Funny

Do you ever have those days where you think you have it all together only to realize you made the biggest faux paux???  Yup...that's my day today...I stink...

I needed to go out to run a few errands, including going to the library so i could get on the internet, so I thought gee, maybe I should actually try to make myself look decent.  I put on a jean skirt and even put on some make up (despite it being so blistering hot).  Not bad I thought.

So driving in my car, I thought gee, I need to febreeze my car tonight before my trip to Winnipeg tomorrow for a wedding.  See, my car often leaks water when it's raining so sometimes the upholstery gets a little wet and it can smell musty from time to time.  I thought, okay, I can do this.

I'm in a store looking at something I needed to pick up for the wedding and I kept thinking, gee, I still smell the musty smell and then I start wondering if it's my skirt?  I pulled my skirt out of the back of the closet (though it was hung) and hadn't worn it at all this year yet.  I couldn't exactly pull my skirt up to smell it though in the store, so I had to wait until I got to the car.  I got in the car and pulled up a corner of my skirt to smell it...I stink, and I mean I really stink.  I don't know if others can smell it, but I sure can.  I'm skirting away from everyone, hoping they don't smell me.  I hate days like that.  You mean well, but it turns out you stink....

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