Thursday, August 12, 2010

One Step at a Time....Take 2

So in the midst of everything happening, my phone decided to crash.  I tried to get it fixed through the phone but had no clue how to do it but that didn't work.  I ended up leaving it at a Rogers store in Winnipeg and had to pay to get it fixed.  Now I'm not complaining about the service that I got because it was fabulous (and the guy was super cute!) but I did have to go in the next day to pick it up as it completely crashed.  I'm just happy to get my phone back because I finally got that phone call from Manitoba Justice saying I had the interview.  So, maybe I'm on a roll and maybe something good may finally happen.  I do know that this place is my dream place to work, so just maybe...

The great thing about having to go in again was that I did get to have a visit with my best friend.  It was nice to pretend that everything was normal, I think for her and I.  We went to this gelate place that I had never been was good!  I have a picture of the place which I'll upload later.  They even had red bean gelate.  I had to taste it...boy, was it was quite gross.  I had strawberry tofuati and after eight.  The strawberry was really good but the after eight was very strong on the mint, and very light on the chocolate.

Everything is really taking its toll on me-I just don't know how much more I can handle-correction...I don't think I can handle anything else.  Money is beyond tight and I'm not going to see any EI until sometime in September.  I have enough for rent and insurance and bank fees.  Beyond that is quite scary now...

I am going to be introducing a new line of stepping stones and putting them up for sale, so i'm hoping that I'll have a few bites through that.  The new line isn't expensive, but that's the goal-to make some pieces that anybody can afford to obtain.  My costs are still covered but it's a way scaled down piece of a stained glass panel.  It does have me excited.  The picture below is what you can expect to see, and while this piece has already gone to its home, this is what you can expect.

So this particular piece sells for $25.  I'm trying to get some out in time for people who are already starting to consider their Christmas shopping.  The pieces that I currently have curing are a large inukshuk, a geometric small square one and a small round fish.  I'll also have two discounted ones-a water lily and an inukshuk-both small round stepping stones.  Sometimes no matter what you do, you can always end up with a flaw.  Normally, pieces like this would sell for a lot more, but it is important for me to make some pieces that the majority can afford.  So, expect to see some pictures this week of pieces for sale!

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