Monday, March 29, 2010

So i'm starting to become technically savvy...I bought a blackberry!!  Can I say I'm in love?  This is new for me this cell phone craze.  I've had cell phones in teh past but not like this.  I'm actually planning on cutting my landline.  The blackberry does everything.  I've started using the calender as a day planner, I get to check the weather everyday from the weather network, check my facebook, and can still see who's trying to reach me.  I love it.  So this is another new experience for me.  I'm having to be taught and learn and it's a whole new experience.  There's so much to do, and right now I still only know a tiny bit!

I've started to get into the yard which is awesome therapy.  I've planted pots with dahlias and calla lilies and started cutting down all of last year's perennials.  This is my second year in this location so i'm hoping for more of a wow factor.  I'll insert pictures from last summer so you all can see.  It's a big yard and I plan on putting a huge garden in the corner where the two fences meet, shown in the second photo

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Live the way we want to be remembered

My poor blog this month has been neglected...I'm coming down off of some stress and now that the snow is starting to go away and I can see big patches in my yard of grass, I'm getting happier.  Something about spring no matter how dirty it is, is pretty exciting.

So my thing this month, though not very exciting seems to be planting dahlia bulbs which i dug up last fall, cleaned, and stored each one through the winter.  I've never done that before, and so tonight, I planted them in pots to start indoors.  I planted 25 and I still had more left.  Part of me thinks they won't grow.  I don't have luck with things indoors.  I'm pretty bad at keeping plants alive indoors!  But it's an experience, and hopefully I'll get something!

I went to a memorial in the city best friend's sister in law.  I came out of it feeling very touched.  By what the family said, you know that the world was a better place with her in it.  I would have loved to have known her-I think I would have really liked her from everything I've heard.  The one thing that kept rolling around in my head though was that we need to live the way we want to be remembered.  Whether she knew it or not, her effect was profound-here she ended up touching me and I had never met-her.  That's a beautiful legacy.  So to you Carrie...if I've been touched, I can't imagine the legacy you've left in others.  You were a beautiful woman inside and out.