Sunday, February 20, 2011

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a pioneer.  I vividly remember picking chokecherries with my great grandmother at the lake and telling her that.  I had a passion for old things, old tales, and a different way by the time I was entering Grade 2.  I wish I could blame it on the Little House books, but my fascination began even before I started reading this.

What in the world has made this crop into my head you say?  It's the game, FrontierVille, which you can find on facebook. 

I recently started playing it out of boredom.  It has you clearing rocks, chopping trees, etc.  I actually don't even enjoy it.  I find it appaling that I'm doing it by myself, without a husband.  I have to build a fortune before a husband can be sent...ludicrous I say!  If I'm breaking my back, he should be breaking his!

Now bring things back to reality...the fact is that I couldn't have handled it.  I'm not necessarily talking about the work-because I'm a very hard worker, but the extreme isolation.  Right now, I feel pretty isolated and it's taken its toll on me.  I feel cut off, apart, and alone.  As much as I embrace where my life right now is-it's hard.  And I certainly haven't had lady luck leaning my way.  Seriously, I couldn't have been a pioneer-I'd tell the little girl, join a dance hall and dance your socks off...don't go to the prairies...

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