Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hanging in There....

Well, I'm hanging in there...I've had car problems galore (currently, I am home waiting for the garage to show up and fix my tire that went completely flat when I got home from school yesterday), things go wrong like you wouldn't believe in the little house I'm living in, and other little bumps, like a trip to the emergency room at a hospital in another town.  But, despite all of this, I'm doing okay. I really am. 

I've had a couple chances to get out and explore my new little town, and it's so pretty...people are so nice too.  While I haven't really had the chance to meet any people my own age yet, there are definitely some around.  So hopefully, I'll get to know a few people soon.  It would be nice to meet another girl or two to hang out with from time to time.

I finally found my digital camera after it being missing since the move...yay!!  Now I can take pictures galore...I was hoping for a nice weekend to explore more, but I'm not sure what's going to happen with that.  I'm definitely looking forward to what I can's so wouldn't believe how pretty it is.

School's going well...I'm seeing real success with some of my students and that is truly a blessing.  I'm proud that I'm able to be apart of their growth. 

Well, this isn't the most exciting of posts, but it's it for today...

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