Friday, February 11, 2011

Raising Money for a Great Cause

So my class decided to do a bake sale to raise some money for our classroom.  I've paid for a lot of things out of my own pocket, and just needed to subsidize a bit as I couldn't keep going at the rate I was going.  So the solution was the bake sale...did I think it was going to be successful?  Not really...I hoped for enough money to buy mini white boards for my students...I use them in seeing which students are understanding concepts in a way that is game like.  We were using placemats before, but they ended up being destroyed after only six uses, and no amount of chemical would remove it.

Well, with about 10 people donating baking, we managed to raise......$161.50!!!

I couldn't believe how crazy it was...the amount of money raised and the sales that were made...Holy cow...not only could we afford our whiteboards, but could now afford to consider other things.  I know one big thing that parents wanted...a microwave.  I felt it was only fair that a microwave be bought as it was the parents who donated who have been requesting one.  It'll make things easier for students and parents, and that might equal more cooperation?

It was amazing though to see that response.  To be able to go and buy a few things tomorrow for the classroom without it bleeding so much into my own pocket is such a relief.  To finally be getting supplies that the kids need is a huge relief. 

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