Friday, October 29, 2010

Just an Update

So for those of you wondering what's going on...I'm still applying for jobs and so far no luck.  I'm waiting for one phone call from one place as they had a new opening, but I'm scared they won't call me.  I had an interview before some time ago, but phoned and cancelled the interview mainly due to it looking like Agassiz was going to come through.  Well, Agassiz didn't come through or at least it hasn't, and I can't keep holding my breath anymore.  I did state in my resume my reasons for cancelling the last interview, but you never know how people view things.  Sometimes they take things personally.  I don't know.  I also know that sometimes I read way too much into things!

I've got a girl's night out tomorrow evening, and boy, am I looking forward to it!  One of my friends (who is just a sweetheart) is celebrating a goal met, so we're going to Red Lobster.  I'm looking forward to it and to getting out of Portage.  I'd like to hit the new Value Village that just opened up in Unicity. 

I started a new blog, which I've mentioned before on here. 

I'm loving it-I love that it's focused on one thing which is getting the most for your dollar.  It's been a lot of fun in the past week doing it and planning what's to come in the future.  I am such a geek but I love helping others figure out ways to do something new.

I finally finished my art piece that I've been working on, but the grouting still needs to be done-which is the actually the longest part of the project.  Once I get the grout on, it'll involve me taking razors to remove it all.  Tedious, but it's turning out beautiful.  Already a couple people have professed interest in it! 

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