Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friendly Manitoba Ain't Always So Friendly

Alright so what happened to me is funny.  I mean, you have to look at it as funny because of all the crap in my life.  I choose to laugh about this.  It starts like this...

Yesterday, after feeling cooped up, I decided I needed to get out of the house.  I drove to Solomon's, my favorite store in Portage (seriously, it's amazing).  As I was coming out of the store, I'm looking at my car and something is very off, very weird.  My licence plate is gone.  Literally, where it was supposed to be was a big black backing from the car.  It was gone. 

I was like huh?  Do people steal licence plates?  I know it wasn't loose...when did I last see it?  Is it possible that it was stolen?

So I headed on to Wal-Mart to treat myself to a bottle of diet coke and I ran into a friend of mine there.  I told her the story and she said that hers had been stolen a couple months back.  I'm like huh, so people do really steal them.

So I head back home because I have to phone my parents.  My mom gets stressed out (as usual) and my stepfather is like you have to get this taken care of right now.

So I head to my insurance place.  Well according to my insurance lady, Becky, it's something that happens in the spring and fall a lot.  People use them for stolen cars or for vehicles that aren't insured/registeered.  She said sometimes that they'll steal two different plates and put them on the front and back of the car, hoping no one notices two different plate numbers.  So I get my new plates and on her recommendation, head over to the police station to report it stolen.

So, I'm on my way to the police station.  All is well.  I had Coby, one of my pugs in the back seat.  Two blocks from the police station, I get pulled over by a ghost car.  So the cop comes over and I tell her that I'm just on my way to the police station to report the plate stolen.  I give her my old insurance (which matches the front plate) and the new insurance.  I said I had just come from my insurance plate but hadn't put the new plates on yet as I didn't have the screwdrivers to put it on.  She asks to see the new plates.  I look and guess what?  I can't find them.  I ask her if I can get out of the car to look for them thinking maybe they've fallen under the seat.  Nope.  I then have to phone my insurance place-she's says yup, you've left them here.  I ask the police officer if she needs to talk to my insurance agent.  She says no.  So I'm let go.

I go to the police station and report my plate stolen, giving them all the info.  I'm pretty sure it was stolen from my residence but I'm not impressed.  I mean, at least they left the screws for me but still...

The person who did this was SO not friendly...

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