Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In The Absence of Angels...

Lately, I've started reading stories and biographies of extraordinary people.  My goal is to learn from the experienes of others-see how they have dealt with hard times, how they have built themselves into the person they now are, or learned from their mistakes.

Right now, I am reading, "In the Absence of Angels," by Elizabeth Glaser.  It's about a woman who discovers she has the AIDS virus and that her daughter and son have it too.  Back in the early 80s when AIDS first started becoming recognized, after a complicated pregnancy, Elizabeth gave birth to a baby girl.  Immediately afterwards, she hemmoraged and needed 7 pints of blood.  The blood turned out to be tainted. 

She only finds out about 5 years later.  Her daughter contracted it through her breastmilk and son in the womb.  It's a heartbreaking story but the story itself doesn't focus on death, buth rather pediatric AIDS, and the fight to garner attention, research, and funds.

I can't ever imagine losing a child, and I pray that I never have to experience that.  And while my struggle can never even compare to hers or her family's, I hope I can learn more grace by following her example.

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