Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going Nuts

So I'm officially going nuts but probably not for the reasons you're thinking...simply, it's my family...

My facebook and emails have been infiltrated with family members seeing things and asking questions and stating their opinions.  Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but the stress of having to deal with them is getting to be too much.  They see a folder saying tattoo inspirations and to them, it means I'm hiding more tattoos from them.  For the record, I've never hid my tattoos.  They hate tattoos.  At Thanksgiving, I was told by my grandmother that she was very disappointed in me because I had two on my foot.  It was extremely hurtful-she was disgusted with me.

Right now, my family just seems to be at odds with each other-everybody is fighting and doing everything but actually saying we're hurt by each other.  All the technology hasn't helped either-each one has been getting more on board with all the crazes so they are opened to a new dimension of each other.  I'm going crazy.  I feel like I can't express myself fully in fear of ticking someone off. 

Last night, I spent a good part of me trying to fall asleep crying because of an email I got from a family member.  I was told some things that I have heard all my life from individuals in my family...there's been a lot of hurt and in my family, no one is ever willing to recognize that hurt...

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