Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things...

Ah, so summer is coming to a close...I mean that's good and bad. September is one of my favorite times simply because I love the start of the new school year. But alas, it means that I have to say goodbye to nice days out on my swing reading a book.

Got into my new classroom today...and I'm quite excited. I know that I'm lucky to have a job in our economy today-so lucky. There aren't a lot of teaching jobs out there. I'm happy where I've been placed too-I'll be working at a K-6 School that has a high native population of students-which is right up my alley. What I get that we often take for granted? Paper, school supplies, and technology! I now have a Smart Board-no longer do I need to bring my own T.V. and DVD player. It's almost like getting a pedicure. You get to reap the rewards that someone else went to the work to do. :)

Mowed the yard today too...exciting huh??? Lol...I need a man who likes to mow, 'cause I hate it. Love my yard, but hate the mowing. My mother is coming tomorrow, so I want everything to look nice, but ugh... I'd rather be weeding.

Anyhow, those are my ramblings for today. Here are a few pics of my new classroom when I got in the door, but picture it without all the junk that I brought in!


  1. You're a really good writer. Even though you don't know me.

  2. Thanks Devans011. It's nice to hear, since when I was in school, all I ever got from my teachers and profs were "you're too wordy!"...lol...ah well, jokes on them I guess, huh?