Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Too much Junk!!

I have been attempting to go through and eliminate what I haven't been using or what's been broken....turns out I have a lot of stuff.  I always knew that, although I've been a lot better of late.  When I was young, I thought everything had feelings, especially when it came to my stuffed animals.  I think it's easy to accumulate stuff, especially as a teacher.  You often don't want to throw things away in case you will need it. 

I dropped a whole bunch of stuff off today at MCC-my trunk was packed and my backseat. I often find it feels good to get rid of stuff, like you're being released from something.  I especially like giving to an organization like MCC because it's a good feeling knowing that you're able to participate in helping someone else out-they do amazing things for the community and the world.

I am definitely not finished.  I'd really like to weed out some of my teaching books, but we'll see where I'm taken on this road.  But in the meantime, I continue to organize despite my office looking like a tornado has been through it (it looks that bad on one half of the room)!

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