Friday, January 1, 2010

Manitoba Girl

So before I start writing what I plan to write about, I want to wish you all a wonderful NewYear's!  I fhope it was safe and that you were doing what you love!

So what I'm realizing is that I really need to take care of me. I need to get out of my comfort zone, broaden my horizons, and live more.  I need to make each day count to not only those around me, but to me first.  So I have a plan....I'm going to do something new or that I haven't done in at least 10 years once a month.   This is not a New Year's resolution as I always end up breaking them.  This is going to be me taking care of me!

So ideas I have include (and remember I'm from Manitoba):

*  Folk Festival
*  Folklarama
*  Winnipeg Art Gallery
*  Winnipeg Blue Bombers
*  Fort Whyte Centre
*  Tea House in St. Francois Xavier or Elie
*  Apple and Corn Festival
*  Fly a Kite
*  Festival du Voyageur

Any ideas?  Let me know!

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