Monday, January 25, 2010

Getting Healthy in 2010

So, I bought myself a Wii.  I absolutely love it.  While I don't have all the accessories I want so far, I have the Wii, the Jenny McCarthy workout with camera, Wii Sports, and Wii Resort.  I've been working out every day for a week straight!  I have to admit though, I'm out of shape.  I hurt, I puff, but I feel really good.  I'm starting to even see more muscle definition in my arms!  I haven't adjusted other things yet, but I want to start recording what I eat and for how long I'm exercising.  The step after that is to try to eliminate pop ....  Im serious about this, it's going to be the year for me!

But yeah...totally recommend Jenny McCarthy...awesome workout that adjusts to how you are doing...I love seeing myself on screen so i can correct my body...and wow...awesome workout!

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