Monday, October 12, 2009


So, not only was it my birthday a few days ago, but also thanksgiving today.

I don't often think of what I'm thankful for, so here it is...29 things I'm thankful for:

29. Itunes...I love creating my own CDs that I can use for whatever mood I'm in or what trip I need to go on...
28. Diet coke...I may be addicted, but oh it does the soul good...
27. Midtown Market...I love a place that carries gifts that fit my soul so well...
26. A good book to caress your soul
25. Hot showers
24. Children and their honesety
23. My stereo in my's now hung (thanks to Ovide), and now I get to dance and bop along to music as I cook
22. A working vehicle...every day extra that my vehicle runs, I'm happy :)
21. My big t.v-sounds awful, but I love it...
20. Art that I have in my home (stuff I've done and others have done)-it brings me peace and reminds me of what's important
19. Sweetgrass...calms me like no other
18. My bed and pillows...I seriously sleep so amazing...
17. Finding balance-it's a struggle, but I think I may finally be on the right track!
16. So You Think You Can Dance-I may not be able to dance but I can dream!
15. comfort food like homemade soup on a cold day
14. comedy...I love being reminded that I need to laugh!
13. PVR...oh how I love you!
12. My helps to relax and destress
11. E.A's in the school environment
10. Helping others
9. Smiles from strangers...makes you feel warm and fuzzy
8. Getting moments to bake bread or simple things that really take care of me.
7. The days that I have good health
6. Facebook...silly, but I'm addicted!
5. My job...I am lucky that I get to do what I love. How many people can say that?
4. The road that I've been put on in the last couple of years...I've learned more about myself and who I am.
3. The chance of a new relationship ?!? :)
2. My two amazing've been with me through thick and thin...
1. Family and friends-without you guys, I am nothing

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