Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hip Hip Halloween!

So I’ve been thinking about Halloween for the past little while-my classroom is decorated and I have pumpkins sitting out on my front step. I’ve bought my candy and started putting them in treat bags. I even bought a couple of special treats for a student of mine that lives just down the treat.

So the honest truth? I love Halloween, I really do. I didn’t use to say that.

I quit trick or treating in Grade 5. Sad huh? It gets sadder. We had moved so much in my childhood, and I think I was on my fourth or fifth school in less than 2 years. I really didn’t have any friends, and I had no one to go trick or treating with. I felt like a loser going around. I think I only hit one block.

When I was in Junior High, I started to get heavily into the church. Now I’m not trying to say church is a bad thing, but for years I let people make their minds up for me regarding Halloween. They felt it was evil and encouraged Satan; blah blah blah. Is this my feeling today? Nope…heck no.

It’s taken me a while to get really comfortable and really honestly wanting to celebrate Halloween. The community I live in is small, and I love seeing the children all dressed up. I’d like to go bigger in terms of decorating, but takes money, and money isn’t something that I have a lot of.

But the truth is that Halloween has come to mean to me about building community and reaching out to the kids in your neighborhood and build connections. I’m sorry if Halloween offends anybody out there, but for the rest of us, let us enjoy it.

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