Thursday, October 22, 2009

Going Girlie

I’m having one of those days where I’m feeling really girlie, and boy is it bugging me. Bugging me because I’m like I want to color my hair (but then I’m like, no my hair color is fine), I want a new top (and I’m like I just got a few new tops a couple weeks ago), I want to cut my hair (but I’m actually growing it out), and I want to get all dressed up, when there’s nothing to get dressed up for.

I’m not a good girlie girl. I actually suck at it. Yes I love my nails painted, but I feel guilty when I treat myself to a pedicure or anything not necessary. I love dressing up, but I usually need motivation to go all out. And lately with my hair, I’ve been too lazy to get up even on time to do it properly. Yup…classic laziness.

On one hand, I do need to take care of myself, treat myself, and remind myself that I am a sexy woman. I haven’t felt sexy at all lately, just dowdy. This is pretty lame, but I plan on dressing up for my teacher’s conference, because I need to remind myself what it feels like to feel hot. I’m going to pull out the hooker boots and everything. I have no duty and no kids to chase after, so by golly, I need to look good for me.

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