Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So once again, it’s late at night and I can’t sleep…a line from Adam Lambert’s song “Time for Miracles”, but boy is it true. I don’t want to go to bed. Doesn’t mean I don’t want sleep, but going to bed requires that I relax and let my body go and stop everything. But the thing is that when you stop everything and stay still, it makes you think. I think the problem is that I don’t want to think right now. I’ve had a lot on my mind, and I’m doing everything I can to delay thinking about it all. I would rather stay up late until I am so exhausted that I just collapse into bed and sleep in, but hey, I have a job and can’t do that. Worse yet, I have 20 kids relying on me to be my best. Not an easy task I can tell you.

In other news, I’ve gotten some really nice complements lately. I was told the other day, that I bring a lot of class to my school with my style of dress. Is that not an awesome complement? I love fashion, and this year I’ve really cut back on what I buy, and I mean I’ve cut way back. So hearing that when at times I haven’t felt completely beautiful lifted my spirits. It’s like I can look sexy in last year’s trends! I was also complemented on my daily plan and the strategies I have listed. I feel spoiled-I’m not used to complements. Seriously. I never grew up with them. I actually had a very poor self esteem until I hit university. And even then, my true self esteem in how I presented myself to the world didn’t really change until I was maybe 22. It’s grown more as each year has passed. I may be a curvy woman, but curvy women are sexy too (which I’ll remind myself I was recently told by someone how sexy I was). I got great boobs…lol…

And in other news, I am heading to the Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards, which is in 9 days! I am so excited-I haven’t had a girl’s night out in a while, and can’t wait. My friend Becky and I are heading out on the 6th, going to the awards, getting a hotel, and then heading to Manitoahbe (possibly Canada’s largest pow wow). I am super psyched. I think I’m even going to get my hair done (which I haven’t had it styled since I was 17 for my grad). And the truth is that my emotions have been through the wringer the past while, so I say bring on the excitement. Let me get excited and gush and post the pics all over facebook. And maybe, just maybe I’ll get to meet Crystal Schwanda or something…. :)

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