Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Blog

Okay, I may be crazy and it's not like I have even tons of time for my other blogs, but I've opened up a new blog.  The only thing is though is that while it is my blog, it isn't.  It's my classroom's.  Blogs and wikis have been done in other classrooms to keep parents informed and interested.  My purpose is to do all that, but also have students directly involved in posting at times, adding a new "technology" to their database.

Some of it you might find boring as it does have its mundane things-like spelling words of the week.  But if you work with children at all, you might get to see some ideas that you like and could use with the children in your life.

To find this blog, head to  Note of caution though, it is not hooked up to my account that I use either for this blog or for my cheap chic blog.  It uses my work email to give me a little bit of privacy.  I won't be linking from here either, so if you're interested, just bookmark the page, or if you can't find it, email me, and I will send you the link!

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