Monday, January 24, 2011

Challenges Make One Strong

There have been times in my life where I've heard over and over that struggles build character, build strength.  I literally at one time had a sign on my fridge that said character was what I needed to get through hard times and looking back, I can chuckle over that sign! 

Things have been tough and I expect that it'll be slow to get going in a new job, in a new community, etc.  But I do feel good and I really value that I have this opportunity.  Is it comfortable?  Oh requires me to think in different ways, react in different ways, and create in different ways. 

I pray that I'm making a difference to my students, that I'm reaching them.  There are days where I question that.  I have a very tough class, possibly the toughest I've ever had.  Right now, I question a lot about what I'm doing and is it the right approach.  Right now, I just need to keep giving it my all, and keep doing my best. 

But for now, I take each day at a time...

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