Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Such a Beautiful Compliment...

So teaching if you don't realize it is quite challenging.  It has its rough moments.  Sometimes you lose sight of why you're in it.  While things haven't been that bad for me yet this year, I did get the most wonderful compliment today.  I went into the office at school today for some reason.  I gushed to the secretary that one of my boys is beginning to read at an above Kindergarten level.  This is huge!  He's 11 years old and has really struggled.  Teachers before have not necessarily known how to help him.  I heard him read today and even compared to a couple weeks ago, his reading has improved.  He went from not being able to read the word "be" to be reading quite a few words.  When I said this, the secretary let me know that there is a lady working with him as there have been issues at home over the years.  Apparently he was so positive about school, that the worker has decided she wants to meet me for the job that I've done with him.  That's pretty special-having someone recognize what you do to make school interesting, fun, but appropriate.  Moments like that remind you that as much as teaching can get frustrating, it has so many beautiful moments.

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