Thursday, November 12, 2009

Student Led Conferences

So tonight was the first half of parent teacher interviews, or student-led conferences as we call them now. I wouldn’t say that I get nervous from them, but I do enjoy when they are over. You never know how people will react, good or bad. I remember years ago, a student got an awesome mark, and the mother started bawling (seriously).

So overall, great night. I had 13 parents come and all showed up. I am a person who does try to emphasize the positive with students, but at the same time, I always need to make suggestions. It is part of my job, after all.

I am always so drained afterwards. My feet are sore and my mind is exhausted. I don’t want to do anything with any real meaning. It starts again tomorrow, but only until 1, and then we’re allowed to leave. To have a Friday afternoon off….yes!!!! It’s a big treat. And again, I’m not planning anything with meaning. I will nothing if that’s what I want!

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