Monday, November 9, 2009

Hurt = Anger

Last week, a close friend of mine who has become like a father figure to me, made a statement that really made me think. He said that hurt is just like anger. I’ve kept coming back to that over the last week or so. I am a person who can carry hurt easily, and I will admit, there are a couple people who have hurt me quite a bit. I should clarify that it’s not the opposite sex, for all of you out there.

I struggle in whether I should say something. Do I make it worse in the long run though? Is it a battle worth pursuing? How do I let go of the hurt the quickest way possible so that I’m not hurting myself in the long run? I recognize that the only person being hurt is me. I need to work on not taking things personally…with both of these people, I recognize that something is coming from within them to make them act the way they are acting (whether intentionally good or bad). Realistically, I know I just need to let go…

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