Sunday, April 10, 2011

How Good It Is To Be Thirty!

For years I have looked forward to being in my wasn't that I wanted to wish time away, but my 20s had struggle after struggle.

Friday morning I found out I have a permanent contract.  After 9 years of teaching and chronic terms-I finally have permanent.  That means I'll always have a job, I'll have health coverage, and I'll have a pension.  I don't think anybody can fully comprehend the extent of what this means to be.  My heart is overfilled and I can never express how much I appreciate this opportunity.

I don't think that this was a matter of me being in the right time or place, no-I firmly believe that God had this planned for me.  I also recognize that everything I went through, led to this.  That in order to get to the good, I had to go through the bad.  My favorite quote from the novel, Eat, Pray, Love is, "ruin is the path to transformation".  That quote sums everything up perfectly.  Transformation has happened.  I'm so different than who I used to be-stronger, braver, a lot more smarter.

Next step-to find housing closer to work.  I'm praying that I will-housing is almost nonexistant in this area.  In one town only 25 minutes away from school they are building a hundred bed hospital and only 15 minutes away, over 40 cottages are to be built.  Construction workers are going to be coming and needing lodging...

In the meantime, I am over the moon and still feel like I'm dreaming!

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