Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So I'm feeling relieved (about 98%)...I didn't get one job that I applied for.  I didn't really want this job-nothing against the job, but I really didn't want the driving that accompanied it.  It was A LOT.  The job description itself wasn't something that interested me much either.  At the same time, I want a job, but I think I was willing to say no.  See it wasn't just driving to and from the job, it was also driving another 40 km on my lunch hour as it was divided between two places...that's the part I didn't like.  Have you ever experienced Manitoba highways and gravel roads come winter???  I tell you, you learn to drive in our weather, you become an amazing driver!  So yah, truth be told, I'm relieved-'cause I would have said no.

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