Friday, June 25, 2010

One Door Closes, Another to Open????

So while I've mentioned before (I believe), I've been laid off for the end of June. I wasn't able to obtain a job in the division, and I think that I'm finaly alright for that, for reasons known only to a select few. I feel that at this time, maybe I just need to move on.

Due to a car on the brink of death, I've been extremely limited in my applications for employment. Maybe there's a reason for that too.I don't know.

Then, on top of that, both of my pugs have been diagnosed as having pigmentary kerititis-basically, they have an eye disease that has the potential to rob them of their sight, if it hasn't already done some of that already. They're both on medication and hopefully, they'll respond well to the medication. The medication only prevents the disease from spreading-it doesn't restore sight that's been lost. We have our follow up appointment tomorrow with our vet, so it's a ride into the city. I'm doing okay with it all, but it's still been hard to swallow that both boys are dealing with this. The medication is three times a day-and I think in the end, going to be pretty costly. They're worth it though. We're also going to stop at the pet store and look for some doggles-they're supposed to help, so I'll give you more info tomorrow about our trip!

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