Saturday, April 17, 2010

Graduate School, Here I Come!

So, I've been officially accepted into grad school for my Masters in Special Ed.  I'm ecstatic, a little apprehensive, but all in all, I'm really thrilled.  I want to focus on at risk students, specifically in regards to aboriginal education.  I'm being careful in who I share the information though-I just don't think some would take it well.  I'm not announing it on facebook or even at work. 

Surprisingly enough, my family is 100% behind me-which they wern't for my first two degrees.  It amazes me and feels really good to have the support.  I'll end up staying with my family when I take my classes.  Luckily, the Education Masters' program is set up that it  is weekends so I should never have to feel that I have to choose between going to school and going to work.

I've already applied for two jobs that specifically look for people with these degrees.  The fact is that many people aren't willing to go and get their Masters in Special Ed.  It's rare and because of this, I'm really hoping that I'll hear from one of these jobs.  One seems absolutely perfect for me, but it's term.  The other, while not the perfect dream job in my eyes, is permanent, but it's also with a great school divison that i've worked for in the past.  Both jobs have closed, and while one is government, I wouldn't expect to hear from them for a while.  The other one, well, I'm hoping that I would hear by the end of the week if I get an interview.  We'll see I guess.  Jobs are just starting to be posted now, and I don't plan on moving.  So whatever I apply to, I need to be able to commute to it.  We'll see....I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Wow, good for you Julie!!! You are going o be one busy lady!!