Monday, February 15, 2010

Thinking of Valentine's Day

So tonight I had good friends over for Greek food-all homemade...the verdict...not a lot of talking but a whole bunch of eating.  It was a hit.  Everything turned out great, which I was grateful as a lot of the recipes I winged it, and kinda went off of my own for. 

Afterwards, we played Wii, and then watched The Time Traveller's Wife-wow.  I cried, well sobbed is more like it.  You know you have good friends when they don't make fun of you for crying so hard.  I kept thinking during the movie about the woman's role and the fact that she loved a man whose time wasn't his own.  Could I do that?  Would I be willing to?  I think I would.  I'd like to think if I found my one true love that I would do anything for that person, to stay with them through thick and thin, no matter what.  I think I am that kind of person, and more than a couple have said that to me. 

I guess I'm holding out for that one true love or maybe love's holding out on me until I meet him.  I've never been the type of girl to have to be with a man for the sake of having someone on your arm.  I want the real thing.  My friends that I've mentioned?  I think they do.  They are an amazing example of love bearing all.  They've been through the good and bad times and have had struggles galore.  They argue and they have trials but in the end, they stick by one another, support one another, and would do anything for each other.  To me that is a perfect love-it's not cookie cutter, but instead, something that is meant to last.  They are the best example I've ever seen and I hope one day I can have someone in my life who would be my everything, and vice versa.  I really hope it's out there for me.  I do.  Sometimes it's lonely, but everytime I get like that, I try to remind myself of what I need and what I deserve.  So, I'm holding out.  And while in the past I've said that I hated Valentine's Day, I'm not saying that this year.  I survived and it wasn't torture and it wasn't lonely.  It was just another day.

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