Friday, December 17, 2010

Life Can Change in an Instant

So three weeks ago, I was driving down the main street in my town going to the grocery store and got a phone call on my cell.  I pulled over (as was the law), and proceeded to be offered a teaching position with a division in south western Manitoba.  It required me to be able to start it in less than a week (the same division I had the big interview with before-they admitted that they had planned on offering that job to me, but due to acquiring a reserve school, it was no longer available for the time.  I said yes, and planned on making the big move.  If I remember correctly, I found out on a Wednesday and had to start the following Monday.

In a matter of a couple of days I found a house to rent-the only house within a 2 hour radius of where I work.  My stuff is still back in Portage and will be moved after I get my first paycheck.

It's been two weeks in the classroom-I have a Grade 4 classroom with 16 students.  They are energetic, sweet, but haven't necessarily given me any honeymoon period.  They have had some things to adjust to, as have I.  My challenge has been not having any of my stuff-I have felt quite limited without my books and resources. 

Personally, it's all been quite challenging.  Picking up and moving across the province is not an easy task.  Coming to this area, well, I don't know a soul and I'm quite out of contact with family and friends as I've been having trouble getting in touch with them as there are no jacks in my house for phone/internet.  I'm working on it, but still...  If I be completely honest, it's been very lonely.  It's hard not being somewhere and having a friend.  I'm hoping that will come in time, but despite everything, I know in my heart this is right.  This is what God planned for me.

I still have to go back and forth to Portage at times to continue packing my things and clean up.  I have my old place until the end of the month.  I think I'll just be relieved when all of this is over and I can relax among my own things.  You don't realize how much your things attribute to home becoming home.  I love my art, and it represents such a large part of who I am, and I guess it does the same with my home.

The school that I work at is quite large for the area-about two classes per grade.  My challenge right now is not having any real "supplies" in my classroom-no overhead, no smart board, no student computers, no'll come I'm sure in time, but it does provide challenges.  I've never shirked away from a challenge though!  I just have to make sure that I'm doing my part and reaching out to others-it's easy when you get overwhelmed to shirk away from people and relationships when you're trying to start things up.

So, yup, that's the story.  There will be more to come along with some of the ideas to come that I've been incorporating. 


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